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The goal of this page is an attempt to continue the fine work already accomplished by Mike Biondo by providing an archive site for the RODMAKERS LISTSERVER. If you have just wandered in, feel free to browse and download anything you find. If you are interested in cane rods, or rod crafting, you may sign up for the LISTSERVER by clicking the Join/.. button and following the instructions. Members of rodmakers listserver may mail directly from this page. If you are not a member you will not receive responses to your postings. Items will be archived on this page as they appear on the LISTSERVER or if they are directly submitted to me.

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The Planing Form, published by Ron Barch, is the premier newsletter of the bamboo rodmaking artform. You should subscribe!

Bob Maulucci's great on-line magazine for Bamboo Rodmakers


by Kathy Scott ( this is a must read ..JWF ) Kathy is listmember with a terrific creative talent

If you have any suggestions or comments you can reach me at: jfoster@sunset.net

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