Join Rodmakers

It's really easy to join the Rodmakers Listserver.

  The list is maintained by Mike Biondo at To sign up,click on the Join button at the bottom of this page and supply the following information:   Type 'join' in the Subject box. It's not necessary but my mailserver complains if you don't have a subject.   Fill out the body with:   subscribe rodmakers 'Your Name'   Substitute your 'First Name Last Name' for the 'Your Name' and send. The message is a one-liner which reads:   subscribe rodmakers John Doe   The listserver will magically extract your E-MAIL address and send you back a conformation message. After that, you will receive postings from Rodmakers automatically.   To resign from Rodmakers follow the above directions except replace 'subscribe', with 'unsubscribe'and don't include your name.   unsubscribe rodmakers   Read the Help page for more detailed informtion about other functions of the listprocessor.  



Good Fishing,
Good Rod Making,
Good Luck
Jerry Foster