Subject: HELP
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 10:28:14 CDT
From: WUSTL ListProc 

                            ListProcessor 7.1

                         Copyright (c) 1993-94 by
         the Corporation for Research and Educational Networking (CREN)

Here is a brief description of the set of requests recognized by ListProcessor.
Everything appearing in [] below is optional; everything appearing in <> is
mandatory; all arguments are case insensitive, except mail addresses and
passwords. The vertical bar ("|") is used as a logical OR operator between
the arguments. Requests may be abbreviated, but you must specify at least the
first three characters.

Keep in mind that when referring to a , that list may be of two kinds:
local or remote, unless otherwise noted. When referring to a local list, your
request will be immediately processed; when referring to a remote list (a list
served by another ListProcessor which this system knows about), your request
will be appropriately forwarded. Issue a 'lists global' request to get a
listing of all local and known remote lists to this ListProcessor.

Recognized requests are:

                        *** GENERAL ***

help [topic]
Without arguments, this file. Otherwise get specific information on the
selected topic. Topics may also refer to requests. To learn more about this
system issue a 'help listproc' request. To get a listing of all available
topics, generate an error message by sending a bogus request like 'help me'.

lists [local|global [keywords]]
Get a list of all local mailing lists served by this server, or of all known
local and remote lists. If keywords are specified, they are treated as a
logically ANDed list of strings/regular expressions; keywords can be quoted.
When keywords are specified, only those lists' descriptions that match the
keywords are listed.

Get information about the current release of this ListProcessor system.

                        *** FOR LISTS ***

information [list]
This file if no list is specified, otherwise get information about the
specified list.

Remove yourself from all mailing lists on this host.

Get a list of the current subscribers.

review  [short|description|subscribers]
Review the list's settings, get the list's general information file and get a
listing of the current subscribers for the specified list.

run  [ ]
Run the specified command with the optional arguments and receive the output
from stdout and/or stderr. To get a listing of all available commands to run,
omit the arguments, i.e. issue a 'run ' request. You have to belong to
the specified list, and must have obtained the password from the list's owner;
the owner's address may be found in the Errors-To: header line of each
delivered message.

set  [