Moose in the Water 

Bamboo on the Bench 


Kathy Scott 

Available from: Ardea Fly Rods (David P. Van Burgel, Maker) RR#2 Box 1235 Rome Road Norridgewock, Maine 04957 $18.95 + $4.05 S&H

It is difficult to measure one’s level of advancement in the solitary pursuit we have come to know as fly fishing.  But when fishing, nature, and all of the creative expressions that have become associated with this endeavor meld into an expressive way of life, I figure one must be making progress.  
With a touch of Thoreau, Ms. Scott’s journal documents the tedious but loving struggle of one man’s quest to build the perfect bamboo fly rod while immersed in the splendor of backwoods Maine.  As the seasons of the year unfold, so does the rod; and so does the companionship between a devoted husband and wife.  In the end, the completed rod is a team effort, a symbol of the oneness shared in the spirit of wilderness... 

...I love fly fishing and building bamboo fly rods; I love birds, wildlife, and Maine; and after reading Moose in the Water Bamboo on the Bench by Kathy Scott, I now have a much better understanding as to why all these elements are integral to my life. 

Jerry Kustich

co-author of  
Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead 
professional maker of bamboo  
fly rods 

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