Rodmakers Software

The following software is free of charge, We owe our gratitude to those who generated it, just to enhance our rodmaking tasks.

Online Software


Thanks to Frank Stetzer

A slick online interface for Wayne's Hexrod


Leader Maker

A neat Java enabled leader maker

Downloadable Software


Waynes Hexrod 96C program

EXE file for DOS/WIN


Waynes Hexrod converted to Excel 5 ( Version 5.2)

Thanks to Paul Griffin. WIN, MAC compatable


Nice Database Mgr for your tapers

Joe Byrd's information organizer for rodmakers. Sorry windoz only



Jerry Madigan's spreadsheet for calculating section lenghts..great help for 3pc'ers


Neat GUI Interface for rod design (WIN/DOS)

Bruce Conners latest contribution. This is a Zip file


Garrison tapers worksheet

A Lotus spreadsheet (wk1)(Excel will work also)


Leader Maker

A leader making formula for WIN (ZIP)


Leader Maker

Same as above but for MAC. Hypercard stack in bin format

If you have any suggestions or comments you can reach me at:

Jerry Foster: Maker