Mystery 8

8 ft. 5 wt. 2 Peice

Guide Spacing : Tips 6-3/8, 14, 10-3/8, 30-1/4, 38-9/16
Butt 50, 58-1/4, 67-11/16
Varnish Estimate: 003 to 004 per flat; 006 to 008 total across flats
* I have arbitrarily subtracted .006 to process this taper. JWF
The "story" behind this rod is that it supposedly started life as a Dickerson 8015 and was used as collaterial on a loan that was never repaid the old guy in Mich. that had it, fished it and then sent it to leonard in the early 70's to be refinished. The refinish included a new reel seat & ferrules(hmmm).What I bought is an 8',2piece,5wt with leonard reelseat (butt cap inscribed "leonard rod co."), leonard ferrules and early 70's leonard colored wraps in a leonard bag and replacement tube. The only writing on the shaft is "G.W.M. 1941" and "3 7/8 oz, 5wt.". Len Codella wouldn't committ to what it was. Tom Fulk ,a dickerson "expert", examined and cast the rod - said it was definately a dickerson. Tom Clark, a Mich. dealer in fine classic rods for 30 yrs., said - "looks like a leonard but feels like a dickerson". One of the guys(Leon Hansen) at greyrock last year thought it was a leonard tournament 50. For all I know the rod was made by a little old lady in Pasadena... but.... I do know it's a great fishing pole( as far as I know the model 50's were all 3piece rods so I guess it just remains a mystery rod for now).
Dennis Higham
Thanks to Richard Tyree and Dennis Higham for providing this taper



Point 0


Point 5


Point 10


Point 15


Point 20


Point 25


Point 30


Point 35


Point 40


Point 45


Point 50


Point 55


Point 60


Point 65


Point 70


Point 75


Point 80


Point 85