Bob Nunley

6'9" Dry Fly Action, DT #2, 2-pc

9/64th Ferrule

After building and trashing 3 rods trying to get what I wanted, here is my latest taper. I just finished the first "good" rod on this taper and it casts like a dream. It is a DRY FLY rod, so if you like a soft tip and strong butt, give it a try when your not so busy. I used a 9/64th ferrule on this, but I make them in my shop. If you don't fab your own ferrules, you could probably get by with a 10/64ths standard. Stress curve looks a little strange on paper, but it works when you put a 2DT line and an Adams on it.

Bob Nunley



Point 0 .04600
Point 5 .05600
Point 10 .07300
Point 15 .08700
Point 20 .10500
Point 25 .11900
Point 30 .12600
Point 35 .13700
Point 40 .14500
Point 45 .16200
Point 50 .18000
Point 55 .20300
Point 60 .22100
Point 65 .24100
Point 70 .26200