Chris Bogart's Yellow Rose

Length: 7 ' 2 pc
Line weight: DT #2
Ferrule size 11/64

This started out as my Shenandoah Lite and is now called "Yellow Rose". I named it after my signature fly shown on my homepage and also because I put Pink! silk wraps with yellows tipping on it (looks beautiful). I have fished this rod and it is a dream. A little longer rod that will power a you need to go on a mountain stream. It is as accurate as you want for a rod. The original taper given to me by Jon Parker, was a one piece nodeless. I modified it and built it as a 2 piece nodeless that seemed to have captured the original taper just fine. I will have this rod at Grayling. I have cast a spring creek 2WT DT, a "H" level taper enameled silk. and a Phoenix 2wt DT with it. For my money the level taper line really makes this rod perform.



Point 0 .06200
Point 5 .06800
Point 10 .08800
Point 15 .10200
Point 20 .11600
Point 25 .12800
Point 30 .14000
Point 35 .15000
Point 40 .16600
Point 45 .18000
Point 50 .18800
Point 55 .20400
Point 60 .21200
Point 65 .23000
Point 70 .25500
Point 75 .28000