Tips, FAQs, and Techinques

This page contains most of the " HOW TO" information that our Pro's have submitted. It is a mixture of TEXT, GIFS, and LINKS. Just click on an ICON and away you go.

Todd Talsma's tips page

A compendium of tips and other goodies extracted from the Rodmakers Listserver

Adhesives FAQ from J.Zimny

Stickey Stuff

Adhesives FAQ Update from J.Zimny

More Stickey Stuff

Bruce Conners great page

Cane Rod Building FAQ

Mikaels Flyfishing

Photographic cane rod building page

Thomas Penrose's informative page

Pictorial on making your own steel planing forms.

Waynes explanation of Garrisons math as it applies to his concept of Rod Design

Hexrod explained-text

Garrison Binder FAQ

Chris Bogart 's article on the construction and tuning of a Garrison Binder

The Milward Binder

Plans for a Powered binder

Bob Cromtons Binder

An improved version of the Garrison original

Nodeless FAQ

Chris Bogarts nodeless technique

Nodeless FAQ (Update/with pictures)

Updated Chris Bogarts nodeless technique

Knotless rod construction

Hans Kohl's nodeless techinque

Block Plane Tuning

Required Reading: A great article on making your plane work as well as it can

Plane Level GIF file

An attatchment to your plane to promote level planing

Heat treating oven

Don Andersen's plans for an airflow oven

Heat treating oven

Jon McAnulty's plans for a new type of airflow oven

The Physics of Fly Casting

Vely Interesting-- Deep stuff

How to make furled leaders

A comprehensive article on making furled leaders by Claude Freaner

Zoe Tools


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