Just a reminder to everyone else...if you plan to be away from email
for an extended period of time, it might be a good idea to go NOMAIL
for the time you will be gone.  This will discontinue your Rodmakers
mail until you reset back to MAIL.

To set you Rodmakers Subscription to NOMAIL:

  Send mail to:  listproc@mail.wustl.edu
  In the body of the message:  SET RODMAKERS MAIL POSTPONE

When you are ready to start receiving mail again, send another
message to the LISTPROC address with the body of the message to read:


If you would like more information on customizing your subscription,
again send mail to the LISTPROC address.  In the body of the message:


The LISTPROC will send you a complete help file.

If you have any problems or question, just let me know...

Mike Biondo
Rodmakers Listguy